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What does “STEM” mean ?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM usually refers to educational programs that involve these four subjects. It is designed to help students find technology related passions in there education. In addition to helping them find opportunity in fields with current job shortages…

The Question:

Haven't you ever wondered what happens when you type a URL into your web browser. You probably wouldn't be here if you didn't! I am going to show you a brief overview of what will happen behind the scenes as soon as you hit that enter key.

The DNS request:

At the top…

What is it ?

The internet of things is essentially a web of interconnected devices that can serve information to each other over the internet or to a defined user. A device on this network can be anything as long as it has some sort of connection to the internet. Each device on this…


In this story I am going to be talking about the very basics of a Recursive function in programming and also go over a example explaining how a recursive function works on the stack !

What is it ?

Recursion in computer science is when a function calls itself to achieve its desired…


Python is a Object oriented programming language which essentially means that everything in it is based around Classes and Objects. Almost everything you use in python is going to be an object centered around a class. One of the most common things are variable data types. For example when you…

What are Libarys in C & Why should we use them ?

In order to understand C libarys we have to go all the way back to see how a C program is compiled. As you can see in the attached image below is the C compilation proccess. We are gonna focus on what is known as the Linker stage of the…

Why use static C libararies?

Libraries are faster alternatives to a usual header and functions seperated by files. They make it easier to compile functions since it speeds up the overall linking proccess due to the system not needing to open and close each individual file like it normall would. …


Linux can use a special compiler called gcc which can compile c code into an execute file. The most basic syntax is (gcc [file_name.c]) but this will print a file named a.out which is probably not what you want.

What are they?

Symbolic links and hard links all begin with whats called an inode. An inode is basically a system that stores the physical cordinates for a file on your drive. When you create a file and give it a name it is essentialy a Hard Link in itself since you are…

What happens when you type ls *.c

ls *.c In the command line

This is a wonderful example of how wildcards can be used to enhance the use of the ls command. Basically when ls*.c is entered in the command line it will print whatever files end with the .c file extension. The * in the command represents all file names however it can be used to find files named the matching string/character. Here is some syntax for the command ls using wildcards ( ls [h*.js] ) this command will display and files starting with an lowercase h and ending the the .js file extension.

Another example:

Manuel Enrique Figueroa

I am a current student at Holberton school of software engineering aspiring to have a career in full stack software engineering.

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